De’lish you a Merry Christmas!

Our shop staff describe their favourite shop treats

December 19, 2018                     Words by staff – edited by Julia Prell

De’lish Staff Favourites

Our top 8 staff favourites… because top 10 seems so unoriginal…

As the clock ticks down to Christmas, thoughts turn to those last-minute tasks. To help out with those last-minute gifts or finishing pieces to your Christmas dinner, our team has put together our list of Staff favourites. We have a lot of favourites, but here are 8 of our favourites that we all love!

Bramble & Hedge white chocolate coated honeycomb

1. Bramble & Hedge White Chocolate Coated Honeycomb
The Christmas range from the Melbourne based confectionary company, Bramble and Hedge is both delicious and looks as good as it tastes. Here at De’lish we love their white chocolate coated honeycomb with flavours including sour cherry, cranberry and candied violet as well as raspberry, strawberry and candied jasmine petals. This sweet treat is the perfect gift for Christmas or as an addition to the Christmas table. Also available from Bramble and Hedge is their famous handmade nougat, flavoured white chocolate and peanut brittle and variety of sweet flavoured popcorn – Julia Prell

2. Cashel Blue Cheese
Cashel Blue Cheese is a new addition to the De’lish cheese fridge and a fast favourite with our staff and regular customers. An Irish handmade cheese, Cashel blue was first established in 1984 and is made from pasteurised whole cow’s milk. It is a semi-soft blue and arrives at our door with an age of 6-10 weeks giving the cheese a pleasant, firm and creamy-edged flavour with an established blue character – Lauren Harrison

Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm             Spain

3. Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm Vinegars
Forvm Vinegars are produced at the Spanish vineyard Cellers Avgvstvs Forvm, established in the 1980’s, and have become an industry leader at creating traditional artisan vinegars. Located in Pla de Mar just 3km from the Mediterranean sea, the coastal climate gives the vinegars a bitter-sweet flavour. Our favourite and newly restocked variety is the Merlot Vinegar with its vibrant violet colour and comparatively sweet flavour with notes of honey and berries. The Merlot vinegar is great for dressing up salads and sauces but also works perfectly when used in reductions for desserts. We carry their entire range of vinegars so feel free to come in and ask the staff for a tasting of these delicious products – Vicky Jorgensen

4. Murrumbooee Chutneys
Based in Northern NSW Murrumbooee is a manufacturer or gourmet condiments. Using uniquely Australian native ingredients, their range of preservative free chutneys, dukkahs, cordials and sauces capture the essence of Australian produce. Their Australian Bush Tomato Chutney, Sweet and Spicy Mango and Tamarind Chutney and Fresh Lemon cordial are all best sellers at De’lish and we love them because they are uniquely Australian products that highlight the best in native Australian ingredients. The Wild Finger Lime pepper and salt mix is a great way to spice up meat or fish when used as a rub or also simply with oil and bread as a pre-dinner nibble – Phoebe Osbourne

Brilliant Food Smoked Trout Rillette             Sydney

5. Brilliant Food Trout and Trout Rillette
Brilliant Food has been a long time friend of De’lish and their award winning products always fly off our shelves. Established in 2005, they have focused on sourcing the best Australian seafood for their range, completing their 72 hour process of filleting and smoking the fish to create some of the finest smoked fish on the market. Our particular favourites are the chunky style smoked trout rillette packed with at least 66% smoked Tasmanian trout and the hot smoked ocean trout fillet portions. Brilliant Foods fish is perfect for a hot aussie summers day or as an addition to your Christmas feast – Mette Jorgensen

6. Crooked Creek Prune & Armagnac Christmas Cake
Providing some of our favourite Christmas treats, Crooked Creek adds an Australian twist to traditional Christmas sweets. Our personal favourite is the Prune and Armagnac Christmas cake. Packed with 25 different ingredients, the cake steers away from the overly sweet traditional Christmas cakes by using fruits and ginger that is soaked in brandy for a week to create a more savoury, almost tart flavour. The prunes and Armagnac add a rich luscious flavour to this Christmas favourite along with traditional spices including nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, clove, allspice, coriander and mace – Phoebe Osbourne

Nice Cream Christmas Bombe

7. Nice Cream Christmas Bombe
As the weather starts to heat up, our staff turn to the stunning range of gourmet ice-cream from Nice Cream. The Australian owned company uses the freshest ingredients to create premium ice-cream and sorbets with no artificial flavours or ingredients. All year round we stock their large and small tubs of ice-cream in a variety of flavours with some of our favourites including raspberry ripple, choc-chip and espresso. Their choc-coated petit fours are also a big hit as a dessert canape at dinner parties or functions. This Christmas we also have their famous Christmas Bombes – A delicious vanilla bean and brandy ice cream bombe with generous servings of glace peach and apricot as well as dried blueberry, cranberry and toasted almonds scattered through. Perfect for Christmas dessert! – Clare Heasman

8. Miellerie Honey
Meaning ‘house of honey’ in French, Miellerie Honey is a Tasmanian based apiary producing honey since 2005 using cold-extraction of the honey from the comb to harness the aroma, flavour, and texture of the nectars from Tasmanian native floras. With several varieties of honey Miellerie marries together the French traditional practices of beekeeping with the rich Tasmanian flora. Each honey is unprocessed and unheated in order to maintain the optimum aroma, health qualities and crystallisation. At De’lish our favourite is definitely their leatherwood  honey with its soft aroma from the flowers of the leatherwood tree and its smooth velvety texture that melts in your mouth. Along with the Leatherwood we also stock their Wine Glass of Honey, Tea Tree, Lake Peddar’s Nectar, and Blue Gum honeys in 325g and 900g jars – Lauren Sharam


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As the clock ticks down to Christmas, thoughts turn to those last-minute tasks. To help out with those last-minute gifts or finishing pieces to your Christmas dinner, our team has put together our list of Staff favourites...

We are all about trying to make it easy for people to get their favourite De’lish foods or try our new creations. We are really proud of the food...